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Grey Pride: A manifesto | 11

What should happen

• Extend the worksave pension

scheme to include additional

saving for social care.

• Launch a hard-hitting public

information campaign about the

need for people to start saving

for care, the cost of care and the

scheme mentioned above.

• Increase state funding for

care to adequately cover the

cost of providing that care, as

measured by independent cost

of care calculator.

• Require all providers receiving

adequate State funding to pay

the living wage to all care home

and domiciliary carers and

activity co-ordinators.

• Introduce legislation which bars

anyone from working with older

people if they have been found

guilty of abuse. The Justice

Ministry should be responsible

for passing on information

regarding convictions to the

Department of Health whose

department will be tasked with

updating and publishing the list

of barred carers online.

• Legislate to give informal carers

entitlement to a fixed period

of leave similar to maternity or

paternity leave.

past four years, social care budgets have

been slashed by 26%, the equivalent of

£3.53 billion. This has meant that over

the past five years, the number of people

receiving care has dropped by 515,000. The

cash invested in services will reduce by a

further 1.9% in 2014-15: a sum equivalent

to £266 million.

More must be done to inform the public,

particularly younger people, about the cost

of care and what the State is prepared to

cover so they can start preparing and saving

appropriately. Anchor research in 2011

found 24% of Britons are unaware that the

Government does not fully fund social care

for older people while only 6% of Britons

have begun to set money aside to fund their

future care needs. A substantial 48% of

adults have not given any thought at all to

how they will pay for their own care.

Age UK estimates that 13.7 million people

aged 50 or over think the Government treats

older people badly, with 74% saying this is

because of poor standards of social care.

The Your Care Rating survey indicates that

the vast majority of care home residents are

satisfied with their care. But much criticism

was rightly targeted at the Government

for failing to include in the 2014 Queen's

Speech legislation that would make it easier

to prevent abusive care staff from working

with older people.

The UK's 6.5 million informal carers, one

in eight adults, must also receive more

recognition and support. This must extend

into the workplace, where individuals will

increasingly be just as likely to be juggling

how they manage the care and support

needs of their parents as those of their



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