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12 | Grey Pride: A manifesto

The facts

• In 2012-13, patients spent

833,000 days longer in hospital

than necessary because of

delayed transfers of care.

• In 50 health authorities - half

of all those in England - 10%

or more of all medical beds

in hospitals were reportedly

occupied by people well

enough to be discharged.

• 4,190 people were reportedly

stuck in hospital in November

2013 despite being well

enough to leave.

• 50% of medics/members

surveyed by

in January 2014 said delayed

transfers were worse now than

a year ago.

• 56% of GPs rated their

relationship with social care

poor or very poor.

• 57% of older people living

in care homes do not have

access to all the NHS services

that they may require.

Priority: The dysfunctional relationship

Short-term thinking exacerbates the

dysfunctional relationship between

health, housing and care.

Falls are the leading cause of ambulance

call-outs to the homes of people over 65:

around one in three people over 65 and one

in two over 80 fall each year. Yet simple and

cheap housing adaptations which reduce

falls are increasingly hard to access.

Retirement housing with onsite support

can also reduce the NHS bill yet planning

obstacles are preventing such developments

being built. The Communities and

Local Government Select Committee

recommended in 2009 that the Government

establish "a more coherent strategy for

the provision and funding of housing and

support services for older people, making

clear the role of sheltered housing" We're still


If an older person is hospitalised, money is

wasted keeping them there unnecessarily.

Millions are wasted due to "bed-blocking",

where older people remain in hospital

despite being sufficiently well to return home.

Every additional day increases dependency

yet the phrase "bed blocking" suggests a

lack of recognition that it is a problem for the

older person - not just those waiting to take

their place or those managing the beds.

NHS England reported that in 2012/13,

patients spent a total of 833,000 days

longer in hospital than necessary because

of delayed transfers. Age UK indicates it is

getting worse.

In June 2014 they reported older people

were remaining in hospital for up to 30 days

longer than necessary, despite being healthy


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