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Grey Pride: A manifesto | 13

What should happen

• Give a firm commitment to

sustainable funding for the

Better Care Fund for future


• Fully integrate health and care

funding streams.

• Produce clear guidance to

Health and Wellbeing Boards

explaining their remits and

ensure housing plays a

significant role.

• Abolish retainer fees charged to

care homes by GPs.

between health, housing and care

enough to be transferred to a residential care

home. This is a day longer on average than

four years ago.

Quite apart from the suffering this causes

to older people, such waste is ludicrous.

Healthcare information company Dr Foster

in December 2013 highlighted that hospitals

were "full to bursting". The knock-on effect

is that hospital staff are finding it difficult to

maintain safety and quality care.

Lord Filkin has called on the government

elected in 2015 to establish a commission

to look at how the NHS and care system

should be changed to serve our ageing


His warning is clear: "If the neglect of social

care continues and these people are not

properly supported in the community, they

will end up with more severe needs, or will

suffer crises and go into hospital, driving up

healthcare costs."

It is predicted that there will be 80 per cent

more people aged over 65 with dementia in

England and Wales by 2030 compared to

2010. The Government is to be praised for

its work to raise awareness of the condition.

But, with more than 40% of care home

residents living with dementia today and that

proportion set to rise, progress on ensuring

individuals with dementia are entitled to wellfunded care

is lamentable.

Care England has also criticised GP

surgeries for unfairly charging the majority

of care homes a retainer for GPs to visit

older people in their care home. As long ago

as 2004, the House of Commons Health

Committee called for fees to be abolished,

saying patients should not have to pay to

access a GP.

Today more than

over 1.1 million

are older people


adults receive paid care


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