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16 | Grey Pride: A manifesto

The facts

• Ageism is widespread in

the workplace - with 41% of

young people saying there

are not enough jobs for older

people to be in work and 14%

claiming older people should

retire to make way for younger


• Out of 10.2 million people aged

between 50 and the State

Pension age, 2.9 million (28%)

are out of work.

• Long-term unemployment

among women aged 50-64

rose from 34.5% to 40.7%

between 2010 and 2012.

• England could face a shortfall

of 718,000 care workers by


of Adults 48%

haven't considered

how they'll pay

for care

Priority: Retirement, older workers and

A survey by OnePoll for Anchor in 2014

suggests that people's aspirations to

have a fulfilling, active retirement while

leaving a nest egg for their children may

not tally with reality.

The survey found that 70% of 18 to 60

year olds dream of living mortgage-free in

retirement with 28% saying they want to

retire at 65 being able to spend £13,500 a

year. The harsh reality is that most people

will have to start saving substantially more

than at present to enjoy this standard of


Scottish Widows research in 2014 found

19% of the UK's population is currently

saving nothing for their retirement with only

49% of 30-50 year olds adequately saving

to have a comfortable retirement. And even

those who are saving the average of 10% of

their earnings will still experience a drop in

living standards during retirement.

This is what faces many unsuspecting

younger people. Government figures show

that four in 10 single pensioners have less

than £1,500 savings, with 1.6million older

people living below the poverty line and

one million living in severe poverty. Age UK

estimates that 28,000 older people die of

cold every winter.

With Anchor having highlighted in 2011 the

shocking prejudice facing older workers,

it is encouraging that the Department for

Work and Pensions has now launched a

framework for supporting people to remain

in work for longer.

The Department for Work and Pensions

says it recognises that people leaving work

before State Pension age is a significant

problem. Over half of men and women have


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