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Grey Pride: A manifesto | 17

What should happen

• Encourage businesses to

perform an 'age friendly' audit

to identify how well they are

meeting older customers'


• Require businesses to provide

more flexible working for older

people so they can juggle the

responsibilities in their private

life and at work.

• Introduce apprenticeships

and retraining programmes to

enable older people to continue

working or to re-join the


• Encourage businesses to

second employees or a

portion of an employee's

time to link local businesses

and charities and community

groups working with older

people. Such an initiative

could build on the example of

Business in the Community's

(BITC's) programme Business


the workplace

already stopped working by the year before

they reach State Pension age.

As Ready for Ageing reported, people will

need enough income to support a good

quality of life in retirement but "it would be

naive to think that this can simply come from

taxpayer-funded sources".

The change in the legislation making it

mandatory for companies to offer a pension

scheme to their employees has gone some

way to providing people with an income

in retirement but people also need to start

seriously planning and saving for the future

to achieve these dreams. With social care

costs also likely to figure in people's financial

circumstances in later life, Government

should do more to explore how saving for a

pension and to cover social care costs could

be better integrated.

Employers can be encouraged to do more

to enable older people to remain in the

workplace, working with organisations

such as the Employers Network for Equality

and Inclusion. Ready for Ageing called

on employers to help older people adapt,

re-skill, and move to more suitable roles

and hours when they want to do so, and

said they should support those with caring

responsibilities for older people to work parttime or flexibly.

Age UK and Carers UK have called on

employers to improve opportunities for older

women to work flexibly as this group, who

often have caring responsibilities, are being

frozen out of work.

The care sector is one market where there

will be more job opportunities; Anchor

research reported England could face a

shortfall of 718,000 care workers by 2025.


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