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Grey Pride: A manifesto | 21

• Fully integrate health and care funding


• Produce clear guidance to Health and

Wellbeing Boards explaining their remits

and ensure housing plays a significant


• Abolish retainer fees charged to care

homes by GPs.

• Launch research focusing on how to

improve road safety for older people. This

has already been done in Northern Ireland

where there is a Commissioner for Older


• Introduce fines if local authorities or

the Highways Agency fail to maintain

unobstructed views at junctions which are

accident black spots.

• Ensure the Transport Research

Laboratory uses test dummies reflecting

people over the age of 60 so that car

designs better protect older drivers and


• Provide adequate funding so that

pavements are maintained to safe


• Ensure transport operators give "old age"

the same prominence as "disability" when

they determine their policies.

• Encourage businesses to perform an 'age

friendly' audit to identify how well they are

meeting older customers' needs.

• Require businesses to provide more

flexible working for older people so they

can juggle the responsibilities in their

private life and at work.

• Introduce apprenticeships and retraining

programmes to enable older people

to continue working or to re-join the


• Encourage businesses to second

employees or a portion of an employee's

time to link local businesses and charities

and community groups working with

older people. Such an initiative could

build on the example of Business in

the Community's (BITC's) programme

Business Connectors.

• Ensure all services used by older people

should be accessible off-line, as well as

on-line. The Commissioner for Older

People, once appointed, should assess

whether they are.

• Encourage businesses and organisations

to think about how people who are not

online can still access their services and

how to make this information readily

available to them, such as in public

libraries or drop-in centres.

• Ensure all British companies sign up

to the international standard for web

accessibility set out by the World

Wide Web Consortium and the Web

Accessibility Initiative. An independent

ombudsman should enforce these

accessibility standards.


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