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4 | Grey Pride: A manifesto


On average, a child born today can

expect to live to be 92. It is chilling to

imagine the old age they face given our

collective failure to respond to massive

demographic change.

Less likely than previous generations to

have climbed onto the property ladder,

they will have fewer resources to fund

retirement - let alone care in old age. Yet

less likely to qualify for state support.

The number of people aged 65 and over

in England is expected to increase by

half by 2030. Those aged over 85 will


Demographic change is good news - a

mark of our improving living conditions,

diet and medical advances. But without

radical change we face an old age of

increasing polarisation, suffering and


It is for this reason Anchor is calling on

Government to appoint a Minister for

Older People in the Cabinet who can

lead the cross-departmental approach,

as well as a Commissioner for Older

People to champion older people's


Some progress has been made, with

preparing for an ageing society now

stated on the Department for Work

and Pensions' website as among the

Pensions Minister's responsibilities.

Yet issues of an ageing society need

a focus at Cabinet level. successive

governments have not given these

issues the attention they deserve.

The House of Lords found public

services are "woefully" ill-prepared.

Short-term thinking can often drive

policy. The growing number of older

voters and recent evidence that their

voting habits can change should,

however, ensure politicians of all parties

become more alert.

Pressure is being felt particularly keenly

by those with children and struggling

with caring responsibilities for ageing

parents. With increasing numbers of four

and five generation families this will only


Younger generations, too, recognise

the importance of long-term thinking,

with 68% of 25 to 34-year-olds saying

one individual in the Cabinet should be

responsible for ensuring Government is

preparing for our ageing society.

This manifesto highlights major areas of

concern, which can only be addressed

properly if the Government appoints a

Minister for Older People. At present,


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