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8 | Grey Pride: A manifesto

The facts

• A third of over 60s want to


• 58% of the over 60s who

wanted to move said they

couldn't because of a lack of

supply of retirement property.

• Around 37% of households in

the UK are under-occupied,

half of these by people aged


• 60% of household growth

through to 2033 will involve

someone over 65.

Only 2% of the country's

housing stock is

retirement housing

Priority: Lack of appropriate retirement

The supply of appropriate housing for

older people is seriously inadequate.

The vast majority of older people live in

mainstream housing. Demos reports 58% of

over-60s say they are interested in moving

but feel restricted by a lack of suitable


Government projections suggest 60% of

household growth through to 2033 will

involve someone over 65. However, only 2%

of the country's housing stock is retirement


A 2010 survey by the National Housing

Federation found 65% of 60-65 year

olds said they liked the idea of living in

a self-contained home with support or

care available in later life. Smaller homes

would also be more energy efficient and


If additional retirement housing was built,

it would create movement in the property

market that will ultimately help first-time

buyers onto the housing ladder. However,

increasing supply has not been given the

priority it deserves.

The National Housing Federation reported

in 2010 that only 45% of local authorities

surveyed had a housing strategy for

older people. This, perhaps, goes some

way to explain why a Reading University

study found that two-thirds of planning

applications for new retirement housing were

refused first time round.

The amount of space needed for communal

areas and to enable care provision mean

retirement housing is more expensive to

develop than mainstream housing. Section

106 of the Town and Country Planning


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