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Grey Pride: A manifesto | 9

What should happen

• Create a national task force

of developers, ministers and

local government to produce a

national strategy for increasing

supply of retirement housing.

• Exempt older people who are

downsizing from paying stamp


• Provide grant funding as

well as interest-free loans to

retirement housing developers

to encourage them to build

affordable housing, following the

example of Canada, where there

is a Minister of State for Seniors.

• Introduce a similar policy to

that suggested in Scotland's

Planning Policy Consultation

Draft 2013 where developers

who build retirement housing

are not required by law to also

build affordable housing.

• Create a level playing field for

retirement housing developers

by excluding retirement housing

from the onerous requirements

of the community infrastructure

levy and Section 106.

• Ensure all local authorities

have a robust housing strategy

for older people and act on it

to increase supply, including

through the sale of publiclyowned land.


Act 1990 and the requirements of the

Community Infrastructure Levy work to

make it even harder for providers to develop

affordable properties for older people.

The fact that retirement housing is not

exempt from Section 106 requirements,

unlike care homes, is based on an outdated

understanding of the nature of housing and

care for older people. It fails to acknowledge

that many people in retirement housing

receive support or care, discourages the

development of suitable housing and works

against efforts to enable people to stay

independent for longer.

Ready for Ageing, the 2013 report from

the House of Lords Committee on Public

Service and Demographic Change states:

"Central and local government, housing

associations and house builders need

urgently to plan how to ensure that the

housing needs of the older population are

better addressed and to give as much

priority to promoting an adequate market

and social housing for older people as is

given to housing for younger people."

Any new housing also needs to be

"future-proofed" enabling people to enjoy

independent living throughout the different

stages of their lives, a point stressed by the

International Longevity Centre-UK, which

also believes housing and society at large is

not ready for Britain's ageing population.

The Government needs to drastically

overhaul parts of its housing strategy and

provide strong leadership so that older

people can live in safe, appropriately-sized

accommodation which will enable other

home buyers to move onto or up the

housing ladder.


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